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Meet Laura Rerucha
Professional EOS Implementer™

Laura’s career began working in engineering and sales management roles for organizations in the automotive, plastics and pharmaceutical industries. She’s since held key leadership positions in three entrepreneurial companies, which is where she truly feels at home. 


Laura’s passion is helping business owners achieve what they want. For seven years, she worked side by side with a business owner, translating his dream into an actionable and executable plan and realizing it. Her focus is always inclusive of the employees, while instilling practices and principles that provide accountability and execution.


Her accomplishments include growing an organization from 5 to nearly 40 employees, $1 million to $10 million in revenue and doubling the presence of international licensees. 


Based on Laura’s experience, she recognizes that EOS is a complete operating system that provides a set of tools that would have made it easier for her to achieve the business objectives. The growth of the organization could have been achieved more quickly, with less time, energy and pain had she known about EOS. 


If you would like to learn more about EOS and working with Laura, contact her today at 419.277.0244.


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